Weird third-person bio

Cindy is the founder and CEO of Hustle & Dream, a company dedicated to helping women unleash their fullest potential. She specialises in the coaching and development of women, helping them to create online businesses that will allow them to create a lifestyle they love. Cindy has studied Business, Marketing, Design and Entrepreneurship and is a certified Life Coach. 


A bit about me  

I grew up in a small town on the north-west coast of Tasmania, Australia. Similar to most families in my community, both of my parents worked, my father, a carpet layer and my mother a real estate agent. As a kid, I went to 9 different schools. I forever needed to make new friends and find my way to “fit in”.  

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It was my early experiences that helped shape how I saw the world. You finish school, and then you go to work, at whatever job you could find. Friends come and go, and people just do what they have to, to make ends meet. Eventually, I became aware of how many people seemed to settle. The pursuit of their dreams wasn’t even an option, often not utilising their strengths and talents and finding themselves stuck in the 9-5 grind. 

By 16, I had moved out of home, finishing high school with little parent/guardian care or financial support. I had no mentors or guidance. I didn’t really know how to find balance, how to resolve conflicts, how to stand up for myself or how to REALLY to set or achieve goals. Nobody showed me how to discover and develop my talents, to sharpen them and to use them well. No-one told me to believe in myself. Nobody ever encouraged me to chase after what I really wanted. I didn’t think that was even an option.

It took years of unravelling as well as countless books, courses, mentorship, and career paths that really weren’t for me to finally arrive at some semblance of direction. This isn’t a sob story. It was a lesson, and it set me on a path to self-development and growth. If it wasn’t for these lessons, I wouldn’t have the passion I have today.  


If you don’t know who you truly are, or what your potential is, how can you choose what is right for you?


It’s devastating to me that amazing people haven’t had the chance to realise their dreams. These are the people I aspire to make a difference with. Many people don't know what they really want. They only know what we were conditioned to want, or some version of what they were taught to want, and that’s the beginning of the perpetual dissatisfaction and feeling of "wanting more" that can be sometimes be attributed to adulthood.  Your path can go far beyond the one you were encouraged to follow. This work has become my passion. Showing people what I have learned has become my life purpose. I am so grateful that we live in a time where the options are forever changing. With the rise of the internet, opportunities are endless. 

In my first job, I was lucky enough to do a ton of training. I found myself coaching employee’s on their goals, abilities and helping others to level up. This sparked my interest in coaching. I went on to do compliance, workflow management and project work for the Australian government. Although seemingly unrelated, these positions provided me with lots of insight into project management, systems, customer relations and decision making. Eventually, after seeing a video on youtube of someone who was working as a blogger and travelling the world, I decided I wanted to create a freedom lifestyle and went on to work 3 different jobs while studying at university to start to make it happen. (Hot tip... you DON’T need to do that!) 

Having been told repeatedly how "lucky" and "brave" I am for launching my own lifestyle business and moving to France, I realized I could help others do the same and shifted from freelance and consulting to personal development work.

My efforts are directed towards sharing what I've learned and empowering others to achieve success. The stories of each and every person are unique, and I am dedicated to supporting them on their individual paths to growth. There is nothing I want more than for you than to thrive as your best self.

I am so excited for your success and will be your champion as you begin creating the perfect life for YOU.