Mindset Overhaul Coaching Program - 10 Weeks

Mindset Overhaul Coaching Program - 10 Weeks

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Mindset is the most significant factor in your entire entrepreneurial journey.

The way you look at different situations and the way you think, your beliefs and your attitude can make or break you when you are trying to start a business... and in life.

If you don't know what you're aiming for and you’re continually focussing on what your limits are, or what problems might arise; you will continuously be limited, and you will never even get started. Life is about growing and making progress. 

Now is your opportunity to start aiming for the next level and start ditching the things that don’t serve you and making space for the things that can make your life better. It is time to ditch the excuses.

It’s time to step into your full potential. 

It’s time to reconnect with your fabulous self and to go after your needs and desires. 

  • Free discovery call - we will get to know each other, see where you're at and make sure we are an awesome fit. 
  • Pre-coaching pack 
  • Coaching workbook 
  • Reflection prompts and goal setting worksheets, success tips, checklists, questions to get you thinking and other goodies to support you and allow you to succeed in your journey to a next level life.
  • 1 X 90-minute goal-setting workshop Small steps add up to big things. We unearth the stuff you’re really aiming for and how you’re gonna get there. 
  • 9 X 60-minute coaching sessions Track your progress, work through obstacles, and set actions for your success.
  • 1-year accountability call  You think I'm just going to ditch you after all this? 
  • Unlimited chat and email support  I’m here for you. 

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