Like, Follow, Share & Chill the F out

Social media can be super overwhelming, it can take up a lot of time. Also, creating content alllll the time can get kind of boring.

If you're new to the game and you just want your new amazing thing that you've launched to be seen, it can feel like a lot.

I get what it’s like to want to make an impact, to showcase that thing that you’ve poured your heart and soul into but the look and feel of your brand just isn’t showing up how you want it to, or... it takes up HOURS of your time! And it's super stressful.

When you're feeling inspired and in the mood to connect with all your people, it's a blast... when you don't have a clue what to post but feel the pressure of "consistency" screaming at you, it's not so much fun.

So, how do you take the pressure off? You pre-plan. You research. You use templates. And you chill the F out. 


Step 1 - Pre-plan.

At the beginning of each year... or you could do quarterly, or even monthly,  I sit down and plan out my year. I generally already know my goals for the year, along with some rough launch dates. I also use the list of holidays (you can find them here) and mark everything in my calendar on Planoly. On top of that, I schedule out regular posts like Feature Friday, promotions, new blog announcements or testimonials etc to happen once a week or so.  

Step 2 - Know your people.

If you don't really know who your audience are, where to find them, what they need, want, desire and care about... it can be even harder coming up with content than it should be. Get to know your people. When you do, creating content becomes less like a job and more like just catching up with your besties and telling them about all the cool stuff you’ve figured out.

Step 3 - Use Templates. 

Templates are my favourite thing ever. When I first started my crazy IG profile, I spent a TONNE of time setting up templates in my Canva account so that my content would always look decent. Since then I have switched up the colours a bit and added a few different parts, but I still use the same templates to this day. And it saves me a tonne of time. Every couple of months I just jump in Canva and add a bunch of images and quotes or bits and pieces and voila, as far as business stuff goes, my content is done. (Don't forget the notes in your calendar that tell you exactly what kind of posts you need to make too) Then, I have my basics and I can just create a few random things on the fly if things pop up  along with just normal fun life stuff. 

Step 4 - Chill the F out. 

Gone are the days where you need a million followers to be cool. Actually, maybe that was never a thing. What we DO care about though, is engagement. If you have 100k followers but only 20 people actually care about what you're posting... in fact, with all these's actually doing more harm than good. So... forget trying to get that count up and worry more about providing value, getting to know your people and actually enjoying what social media is all about... being social. 


Note - I've created a bunch of templates that you can purchase here 

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