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Each week, Hustle & Dream features female entrepreneurs, their business and their tips for success. 


This week we have Sam Michaela, a digital nomad from Manchester and the Co-owner of Beauty On Mars. Sam is currently in Calgary. 

Beauty on Mars, aka BOM, is their trademarked brand featuring 16 personally designed lashes with 10 Glam Lashes and 6 Natural Lashes in the collection. Their lashes are vegan and cruelty-free. BOM is currently based in the UK and is launching in Australia next month.

Sam also runs a Beauty & Travel Blog "Beauty and the Blondes", which is, as she describes it "My own little part of the internet to express my thoughts as well as give my advice and tip & tricks focusing on my own experience with Beauty, Travel & Mental Health along with a little bit of everything else."


I asked her about being an entrepreneur and running a business online:


On Entrepreneurship


"I tend to have my finger in a lot of pies (so to speak). I like to keep myself busy working behind the scenes making sure the business runs as smoothly as possible, trying to expand the business plus content creating. There is no off switch; there is always something popping into my mind to put on my to-do list.


I also love to learn. My own self-development is key to my success. When you run your own business, you never stop learning, and your own knowledge grows as your business grows."


On travel


"I spent the first 20 years of my life in Manchester UK, before moving overseas. For the past ten years, I have been a bit of a nomad living in Australia, New Zealand and most recently, Canada, where I have lived for almost three years. I plan on spending the next year living in Banff, Canada, then a year travelling doing the whole van life around America and South America.


On the Laptop Lifestyle


Wifi connection- haha. No, it can often be difficult to juggle personal projects and working part-time whilst travelling. Finding time to fit everything in whilst trying to exercise, have a social life etc., can be tricky.


On success 

"My goal is to build a life I don't need a holiday from".

Basically, find what you are passionate about and just go for it. Don't get stuck in the 9-5 rat race. Ask yourself what your interests are and how you can use that to make money and enjoy yourself while making a difference.


You can find out more about the BOM Lashes at and @beautyonmars.


You can find Sam's blog here:



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  • Yay! Thank you for this feature.
    I’m loving using your planner everyday, it makes my life so much easier 😍😍
    Sam xox

    Sam Michaela

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