Success feature - Monique Lombardo

On Fridays, Hustle & Dream features female entrepreneurs, their business and their tips for success.

This week we have Monique Lombardo, the Creative Director and co-founder of The Socialista + Reels Queen and Co-Creator of Rise With Reels.

Monique works as an Instagram coach to help coaches, service-based business owners, and individual entrepreneurs use Instagram to skyrocket their brand and convert their followers. Through creative content strategies, she helps companies stand out on social media, get creative and have fun on Instagram again! (Ok, who doesn't need that?!)

She is also a co-coach at Rise With Reels, helping companies and personal brands use Reels to amplify their Instagram. Through in-depth tutorials, they give Reelers the steps and guidance to create Reels with confidence and see their engagement, followers, and sales increase!

I asked her about being an entrepreneur and what advice she has when it comes to being successful:

" As an entrepreneur, I wear a lot of hats. I manage a small team, I have clients for whom I create content; I also have 3 full days of group and 1:1 coaching with clients from all around the world. Once the actual working in the business is finished, I work on my business by generating ideas, creating my own content, running RWR and everything in between. I also work on myself with my own self-development as well as focusing on my health."

On Success:

"Success is only what you define it to be. We're all on different paths in our business journey, so set your eyes on your goal, stay in line with your mission and don't look to anyone else! This is where you'll see real success. As girlpreneurs, it's so easy to look at others and compare yourself. Compare where they're at, compare how much money they've made, compare what they can offer or what their life looks like. This can derail you and steer you away from your mission. When you stand firm in your uniqueness, stand tall in what makes you special, you stand out and thrive. This is what you should be chasing!"

On Entrepreneurship:

"Just because others can't see your potential, it doesn't mean you don't have any - it just hasn't been tapped into yet. Don't let what others say derail you; take what they say as ammunition to get out there and turn your passion into a reality!"

You can see Monique in action at @thesocialista_ and

Find out more about the rise with reels course at and @risewithreelscourse (Doors open on the 21st of July).

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