Success Feature - Belén Sebastián

On Fridays, Hustle & Dream features female entrepreneurs, their business and their tips for success.

This week we have Belén Sebastián, who is the founder of Bel beauté Concept.

Within her practice, Belén works as a beauty coach and therapist using ancient techniques and natural products to help people feel beautiful inside and out. As a coach, Belén holds workshops and guides people in taking care of their skin as well as self-care practices you can do at home. Belén is also a great supporter of women entrepreneurs within her community.

I asked her about her journey and what success means to her:

"For me now and especially since COVID, I understand what success means, and for me, success means when your work life is the working life that you want, and your personal life is the life you want, and they work together and flow together.

In my life, everything goes with the flow. I have a sense of inner peace, I'm aligned with everything that I feel. Belén, as a person matches Belén within my professional life. That's what success means.

It doesn't mean you have three hundred million dollars, I can tell, you now I don't have that kind of money, but I'm still happy, I'm happy with my life right now and because of this I know I'm already successful.

I am so blessed by the people who surround me and support me in many ways, and this is very important in business.

When I was starting out, I had coaches helping me with all different things, and sometimes people thought I was crazy for paying these people to talk me through things. But we really created great foundations for my business. And now, I know who my customers are, I know what my brand is and how I am helping people. I highly recommend new and old entrepreneurs invest in coaching and business training to guide you through the process of creating your own business and during your whole working life.

Sometimes it's good to forget about the money stuff and remind yourself of all the people who are there for you and all of the ways you can get help."


For those of you in Montpellier, or are interested to find out more you can check out their website Bel Beaute Concept 

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