Success Feature - Anna Gadecka

Each week, Hustle & Dream will feature female entrepreneurs, their business and their tips for success. 

This week we have Anna, who is the founder of @bee_saving_paper

Bee Saving Paper is an innovative, 100% biodegradable material rich in glucose. It works like an energy drink for exhausted bees. This brand was created to not only to sell the paper but most importantly, to raise awareness about the importance of bees.

I asked her what advice she has when it comes to being successful:

" I believe the most successful people on this planet didn't really focus on showing, talking on how successful they are. They are just showing it by their everyday work. First of all, they are doers even if they are big thinkers they transform their ideas, thoughts into actions. They are dedicated and passionate about what they are doing, and I learnt that none of them started their business project with the goal to become successful or rich and famous.

After several years in advertising I want to focus on what I love and what is really important: As a founder of Bee Saving Paper, I believe this brand could become something that inspires others to take actions (even the smallest) towards saving the bees. Bee Saving Paper is not only an innovation but also a powerful medium to spread the message about them. 

These days there are several brands which are treating the bees problem like a trend they can use for better PR. Bee Saving Paper was born from love to the bees and trying to help them like every bee would matter. At this point, I need people who will believe in Bee Saving Paper as much as I do(or close) because these days it's in danger of extinction."

Anna's success tips in Bee language 🐝

Bee kind. Bee an inspiration to others. Bee honest. Bee true to yourself. 

Bee passionate about what you are doing.


You can shop Bee Saving Paper online and find out more at


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