Start with the foundation

Failing to plan is planning to fail!

Building the foundation of your business or personal brand isn't necessarily the most exciting part of this whole adventure, but it is the most important. 

Taking the time to figure out your brand will give you the framework for everything you do.

Some questions to help you outline your brand:

  • Take inventory of your strengths, what do people love about you?

  • What are the quirks that make you YOU? 

  • What are your goals?

  • What are your values?

  • What message are you trying to send?

  • Who are your people? Do they stand for?

  • If someone were to come into contact with your brand, how would you want them to feel?


A strong brand knows what their strengths are and what they stand for, and they portray it in everything they do. It's about what people come to you for, not what is trendy or looks nice.

Your brand identity will be used wherever you have an online presence so choose colours and elements (font, patterns, shapes, etc.) that make you feel confident and reflect what you are about. 

Have fun with the process. Play with colours, slogans, images and be creative in showing what your brand does.  

Show the world your brilliance! 


If you would like to do a DEEP DIVE into the branding process and build a full snapshot of your business, its goals, its products and how it looks and feels...check out our Brand Discovery course here.



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