Success Feature - Hanna Guy

Each Friday, Hustle & Dream features female entrepreneurs, their business and their tips for success.

This week we have Hanna Guy, who is the co-founder and director of Dorsu. (@dorsu_cambodia)

Dorsu is a Cambodia-based, men's and women's clothing label. Produced in-house start to finish, Dorsu creates contemporary garments for work, weekends, and travel with intentional design, informed sourcing, and ethical production.

Hanna has built a diverse and progressive team that spreads all around the world with photography, web, operations and distribution staff in Australia, Cambodia, and France. She is responsible for running design, production, marketing, sales, finance and operations.

I asked her what advice she has when it comes to being successful:

"Choose people that you deeply connect with. You inevitably will at some stage become time-poor and also struggle with self-doubt. Being amongst quality people means you will be loved and supported as all versions of yourself and allow you to invest in people in the same way.
Deconstructing the societal messaging that has told us as women that we are less, is work that needs to be done every single day. But, it is worth it- for us, and for the women to come after us. Also, prioritise rest! You can't do everything yourself."

You can check out Dorsu's items here: and read more about the garment industry here

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