Success Feature - Anita Mustac

Each week, Hustle & Dream features female entrepreneurs, their business and their tips for success.

Meet Anita Mustac, who is the founder of Dokotela Australia.

Through the website, patients have access to highly experienced psychiatrists and psychologists through video conferencing. Anita's responsibilities as the founder are extensive, including the sourcing and refining the technology behind the platform, the business strategy, marketing, customer acquisition and user experience for both the patient and the doctors.

I asked her what advice she has when it comes to being successful:

"The ability to compartmentalise and focus on one thing at a time is key to getting things done. Be on when you are on! This includes your time away from work, strive to enjoy your time off because you need it. Not something I'm always great at, but I am trying to get better. Also, I think identifying what you can and can't control and just focusing on what you can actually change is a good way to prevent yourself from being overwhelmed."

You can read more about Dokotela here

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