It's time to ditch the excuses.

It’s easy to go down the hole of a Netflix binge (To be fair there are some great shows on Netflix totally worthy of a binge) or to go with the “I’ll do to tomorrow” excuse or “I can’t, I need to go to (Insert a random event here.)”

All of these can be valid reasons for not having the time to do certain things... but also, they can be excuses. And excuses aren’t going to get you to your dream life. 

When you suddenly feel the urge to clean that air vent that you have ignored for the last 8 months or organise a lunch date with a random acquaintance or watch another episode of well... anything you need to consider if it’s REALLY that important right this second or whether it’s just procrastination and a bit of fear trying to redirect your attention.

Maybe you’re waiting to “be ready”?
I get it. I was like that. In fact, periodically I’m still like that.

Or maybe you’re just so used to finding excuses that you don’t even realise you’re doing it. For a long time, I would find excuses too. “I wasn’t educated enough, I wasn’t fit enough, I wasn’t smart enough.”

Eventually, I figured out that I am the only person responsible for how I live my life and for what I achieve every single day.

Doing things that are new and different and challenging is damn hard, and sometimes you do want to take the easy option or just keep doing what you're doing.

However, to really make changes you have to push yourself. If you want growth, you need to quit going for the comfortable option and watch out for the excuses we make to avoid change.

Excuses allow our limiting beliefs to be in control. Labelling ourselves as "not smart enough, educated enough, confident enough" turns into the reason we cannot do things. Instead of looking for solutions... we put it down to "I'm just not that type of person."

Ask yourself... can it change? Can you learn more, can you become healthier, can you become more confident? Can you adjust your time or priorities? If it is something that can be changed, then it isn’t limiting you at all, and it really is just an excuse. For the most part, there are always options.

We all have the capacity and ability to be so much more. Maybe you just need to look at things a little differently and establish a new path to get where you want to go. It’s time to start ditching the excuses and start making space for the things that can make your life better.

You’re either working every day to accomplish your goals, or you’re finding reasons not to achieve them. (If you need a little help figuring those out you can check out our FREE goal setting worksheets here)

Which will you choose??
I hope that you choose to live your most exceptional life.

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