The secret to a great brand?

A brand is more than just your logo, your brand isn't your product. It's also not your colour palette. So what is it? And why is it important?

A brand is more like a person, it's the accumulation of all of the experiences you have with a company. It is their story, how you see them, how you experience them. It's what they look like. It's their products, their beliefs, it's the words they use. It behaves in a certain way, it is predictable, and it can be experienced. A brand is less about what things look like and more about what is in a customer's mind.

A brand is a set of beliefs that a company has about itself and its products.  These beliefs can be communicated through products and marketing and, can influence a customer's perception of the company. Branding brings the human element to a company or product, It gives "a thing" a personality.  With a strong brand, we can cut through the noise and give our audience less to consider when thinking about engaging with it. 

The personality of a brand can be summed up in a few different ways:

• It's unique and recognizable.

• It has a personality that stands out from the competition.

• It's relatable and easy to talk about.

If our audience can see from all touchpoints, from every engagement, from your reputation that our brand is exactly the kind of thing they relate to, if we are consistent and add value... we turn a random person, into a loyal customer.  If your brand is aligned with the values of the target audience, they will more than likely see you as a friend, rather than just some business they have to deal with which in turn creates a positive relationship between the business and its clients, leading to long-lasting results.

Consistency and predictability are key factors in building a successful brand. Trust and loyalty is fostered when customers know what to expect from the brand.  It's important to have a balance between standing out from the crowd or cutting through the noise and being the person your audience can rely on to give them what they need and expect.

A good brand helps you stand out from the crowd and creates a strong identity for your business. Your name, designs, logo, and any other features that are unique to your company's personality are all part of your brand and are used to communicate your message to the world.


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