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Empowering women to beat overwhelm and create their own location independent business so they can thrive from anywhere in the world.

Do you feel stuck?

If you’re a female expat or travel junkie looking to start your own location-free or online business to have the freedom and confidence to thrive in a new country, You probably feel that to pull something off as epic as starting a new life overseas and making money while doing it is a little bit crazy.

You might struggle to find people to network with, or who really get it, you’re not quite sure where you fit in and… you feel a little stuck. Your list is a mile long, and on top of that you’re trying to learn a new language and fit into a new culture. Or just get out of this mess you've found yourself in.

I help you explore your passions and build a business around your lifestyle. Together we make an actionable plan and set expectations so that you can feel prepared to confidently make decisions aligned with your goals and start creating the life you have always wanted.

Let me help you:

▪️ Discover your passions and start uncovering your full potential
▪️ Remove the overwhelm and launch the perfect business model for YOU
▪️ Identify and resolve cultural, social and personal challenges
▪️ Improve resilience and learn to cope with the challenges of daily life in another country
▪️ Gain clarity of what you want to get out of your life.
▪️ Set up a healthy routine and a strong support system to avoid burnout
▪️ Develop the Mindset Foundations necessary to create a lifestyle business
▪️ Establish clear goals so that you can be intentional about your time.

Bring your ideas to life

Every line, image and bit of text has been designed by me with love, a bit of hustle and lot of dreaming of a world where women are living their best life.

When you're looking for a planner that will help keep track of your business as well as your personal life, this undated productivity planner is everything you need!

It features a blend of inspirational quotes by boss women, gratitude prompts, self-care tracking, monthly recaps and brand snapshots to give you that balance between the Hustle and the Dream.

The tools you need

My goal is to nurture and guide women to explore their passions, own their space and build a life they love. I work to empower women through community, coaching, resources and tools so they can find themselves in all the facets of their lives—from home life to business pursuits.

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